Shaw Festival – Festival Theatre, 2003

Directed by Neil Munro
Designed by
Cameron Porteous
Lighting Designed by
Alan Brodie

Cast: Norman Browning,
Sarah Orenstein,
Douglas E. Hughes,
Pete Treadwell,
Jennifer Phipps, Corey Turner, William Vickers, Mike Wasko, Guy Bannerman,
Robert Benson, Neil Barclay,
Peter Krantz, Jeff Meadows,
Leo Vernik, Dylan Trowbridge,
George Dawson, Helen Taylor,
Stephen McQuigge,
Lorne Kennedy, Jim Mezon, Fiona Byrne, Goldie Semple, Caroline Cave, Jamie Burnett, Michael Querin,
David Leyshon, Al Kozlik,
Jane Perry, Simon Bradbury, Richard Farrell, Jillian Cook, Jeffrey Renn, Duncan Stewart

Stage Management:
Judy Farthing,
Jane Vanstone Osborne

Photos by David Cooper

Detective Story

Testing the limits of law and order
“On the main stage of the Shaw Festival, director Neil Munro leads us through the action with a master's hand, drawing the eye from one corner to another, bringing one scene forward while another drops back, leading us surely from laughter to horror. Assisted by Alan Brodie's fine lighting design which initially throws the whole room into mottled shadow and the hazily delineated lines of set designer Cameron Porteous's grey backdrop, Munro directs Detective Story with all the fluidity of film, the very medium that has obliterated such stage plays.”
- Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail