Shaw Festival – Festival Theatre

Directed by
Christopher Newton
Designed by William Schmuck
Lighting Design by Alan Brodie

Cast: Severn Thompson,
Mike Shara, Mary Haney, Fiona Reid, Michael Ball,
Kevin Bundy, Laurie Paton,
David Schurmann, Lisa Norton

Stage Management:
Thom Payne, Dora Tomassi

Photos by David Cooper

“It's a point that the director and lighting designer Alan Brodie make very nicely at the end of the second act as Judith and her offspring segue seamlessly from their overblown dispute about a party game into lines from one of her old plays. As the generalized glow gradually turns to the stagey side lighting and giant shadows of Victorian melodrama, there's double delight to be had in the theatrical tricks of the Bliss family on the one hand and of the Shaw family on the other.”
- Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

Hay Fever