Theatre @ UBC – Telus Studio, Vancouver, 2006

Directed by John Cooper
Set and Lighting Design by Alan Brodie
Costume Design by Linda Chung
Sound Design by Andreas Kahre

Cast: Olivia Rameau, Kevin Kraussler,
Joanna Rannelli, Keegan Macintosh,
Marie-Eve Boudreau, Tim Cadney, Joann Liu,
Dave Newham, Sheila Burns, Ashley O’Connell

Stage Management: Noa Anatot, Ashley O’Neill,
Jessica Bryson

Photos by Tim Matheson and Alan Brodie

Round, But Not Evenly So… A not entirely successful affair, but a great climax
“…the simple approach of Alan Brodie's set and lighting design work wonders to evoke place, using transitionary experiences along with the projections of Lauchlin Johnston's projections. The music of the period is rich and evocative, as are the fashions, furnishings, and even the engravers' designs of the time. All are used here with complementing tones, shades, and textures.”
- Ian Alexander Martin, The Boards