Touchstone Theatre,
Vancouver East Cultural Centre, 2005

Directed by Katrina Dunn
Musical Direction by
Wendy Bross Stuart
Set and Lighting Design by Alan Brodie
Costume Design by
Mara Gottler

Cast: Donald Adams,
Dean Paul Gibson,
William Macdonald,
Michael Scholar Jr.,
Tara Jean Wilkin,
Katey Wright

Stage Management:
Kelly Barker, Marcella Hyde

Photos by Alan Brodie


Really Entertaining to Watch…
IT'S A GOOD LOOKING SHOW, I'll give it that much. The cast of Little Mercy's First Murder is talented; the band is tight; the set is impressive; the lighting is razor-sharp…

"…the affecting sepia tones of Alan Brodie's genre-inspired lighting (which ain't easy, seeing as how he's drawing your mind to recall black & white films).”
- Ian Alexander Martin, The Boards

"Alan Brodie’s dim, atmospheric lighting and the dirty gray brick walls of his tenement set frame the story of Little Mercy Callahan (Katey Wright), a woman from the New York slums charged with killing her mother, circa 1940."
- Jerry Wasserman,