WINNER: Jessie Richardson Award

Vancouver Playhouse / Belfry Theatre - Vancouver and Victoria

Directed by Roy Surette
Designer: Brian Perchaluk
Lighting Designer: Alan Brodie
Composer/Sound Designer: Tobin Stokes

Cast: Bob Frazer,
Nicole Leroux

Stage Management:
Jennifer Swan,
Samara van Nostrand

Photos by Tim Matheson

"The play has been called 'part romance and part history lesson;' just how do the designers manage to shift the scene back and forth from an Alberta farm to WWI France?

"The design is absolutely top notch.  A turntable and framed prairie sky turn and shift to create a dozen different locations seamlessly within the flow of action.  Set and Costume Designer Brian Perchaluk manages with a few wooden planks and a brooding sky to create pure magic.  With nothing but the rhythmic rise and fall of a scrim we’re on board an ocean liner, add a few rough-hewn beams and we’re in a barn, as one of the beams thrusts skyward we’re under the hooves of Charlie’s horse during his charge.  None of this could have been accomplished without the lighting plan of Alan Brodie, which creates as much dramatic intensity as either character on stage, from the lightening flashes flickering through the slats of the barn, to the bomb bursts over the trenches of France.  Add in the dark soundscape of Tobin Stokes and you’ve got the perfect canvas to bring as much flair as possible to this oft-told tale."
- Robert Mitchell, CBC Radio One