Stratford Festival of Canada - Festival Theatre

Direction and Choreography by
Donna Feore
Musical Direction by Berthold Carriere
Set and Costume design by Patrick Clark
Lighting design by
Alan Brodie
Sound design by
Peter McBoyle

Cast: Nora McLellan,
Dan Chameroy,
Blythe Wilson,
Mark Cassius,
Jamie McKnight,
Paul Nolan, Kyle Blair, David W. Keeley,
Lindsay Thomas,
Jonathan Ellul,
Stephanie Graham,
Barrie Wood,
Matt Cassidy,
Ashley Burton,
Ryan Wilson, Tessa Alves,
Naomi Costain,
Stephen Cota,
Rachel Crowther,
Barbara Fulton,
Elodie Gillett, Sean Hauk, Ray Hogg, Phillip Hughes,
Victoria Lamond,
Chad McFadden,
Stephen Roberts,
Julius Sermonia,
Heather E. Wilson

Stage Management: Cynthia Toushan,
A. Naomi Duncan,
Zeph Williams

Photos by David Hou

“Alan Brodie has lit everything with richly dappled shadows that allow sunshine and shade to exist on an equal basis.”

“For once, the grand vision of Rodgers and Hammerstein is fully realized and it makes for a thrilling first act finale.”
- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

“In many ways, the lighting and set designers deserve as much credit as the cast, having created a stunning outdoorsy environment inside the Festival Theatre.  An expansive Old West horizon and skyline extend well-beyond stage left and stage right, filling the audience's field of vision with stunning sunrises and sunsets. The lighting is so effective, it feels as if the Festival Theatre is roofless and the sun is passing overhead.  So when Laurey and the womenfolk sing that "many a new day will dawn, many a red sun will set, many a blue moon will shine," you believe it.”

“…the show begins its long crescendo into blissful goofiness, which culminates at the end of Act One with the eyepopping Dream Ballet sequence.”

- Colin Hunter –