Shaw Festival -
Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2009

Directed by Alisa Palmer
Musical Direction by
Paul Sportelli
Choreography by
Bill Coleman
Designed by
Judith Bowden
Lighting Designed by
Alan Brodie

Cast:  Steven Sutcliffe, Christine Passmore,
Julie Martell, Sharry Flett, Gabrielle Jones,
Kyle Blair, Alix Boyd, Celeste Brillon,
Jacqueline Thair,
Kawa Ada, Kelly Wong, Jay Turvey,
Patty Jamieson,
Mark Uhre,
Robin Evan Willis,
Saccha Dennis,
Anthony Malarky,
Melanie Phillipson,
Neil Barclay,
Melanie Janzen

Stage Management: Meredith Macdonald, Annie McWhinnie,
Erin Finn

Photos by David Cooper Photography

Sunday in the Park with George
Fault Line Causes Blur In Musical Portrait
“The real triumph in this play comes from the technical angle.  Judith Bowden’s design features striking scrim recreations of Seurat's best known pieces, while her costuming is simply superb. The lighting by Alan Brodie — key in a play about Impressionism — is spot on, recreating the dreamy and particular quality of soft-angled summer light.”
- Deanne Odding,